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Валерианка- отличное успокоительное средство. Пять капель на бутылку виски - и нервы как стальные канаты.

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Истории / Shamanice Callin" Her Betrothed
Shamanice Callin" Her Betrothed


Oh, ... Awake if you care, reach me if you dare
hot days turned to cold
turn cold nites into hot
seek me winds dunno where, crave me tho cannot bear
i'm ergin' you: " if you dare" fearin' you dare not

..., fly if the time is right, win if you're bound to fight
fresh wounds turned to old
turn pain into your lot
you hit me i dunno why, put 'no' tho never tried
i told you "then good-bye" knowin' it was not

So- I'm dancin' as it hurts to stand ,
goin' on so you wouldn't end
stealin' what cannot be bought
cravin' for the one i sought

Not born a woman - still can be a man
Oh, turn back - believe that I can -
leap into a woman from the canine clan
Where you saw a rival you'll find a friend-
and no more point to pretend
We parted to comprehend finally that we can


But -do go your way - even if it hurts
No is still a choice
Silence still has a voice
A thousand years' pause speaks better than words...

сойт, август-октябрь 2007

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